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on all orders over $50.00

Shipping & Returns


It is our goal to ship all in-stock orders on the first business day after the order is placed. Sometimes we even get ahead of ourselves and ship same-day! For this reason, please make sure the email and phone fields are accurate with contact information we can use to reach you during our day should there be a need. Silo Cigars is located in the Eastern Time Zone.

Since Silo is primarily a retail brick-and-mortar shop, please understand that we can not keep inventory up-to-the-minute accurate as sales progress throughout the day. We try and keep items that are limited and/or unorderable frequently updated, while those that are easily replacable do not have their quantities adjusted throughout the day (except for online purchases). If we are out of stock on an item, we will notify you immediately and advise on when/if stock will be available and see if you wish to backorder, replace, or cancel.

Silo Cigars receives its cigars from manufacturer's warehouses located throughout the US. Cigars are shipped by ground transportation with no additional humidification. Some cigars spend 8 days this way in transit to us. We ship all singles, and most boxes with humidity pouches. If you wish to have your order delayed due to weekend or holiday, please CLEARLY make use of the comments section to alert us! All our cigars are kept properly humidified until they are boxed for shipment, and should not have a problem upon delivery. We frequently ship to Afghanistan and Iraq via APO addresses where delivery times are 3-4 weeks without incident.

Credit Card Charges

Silo Cigars, Inc. does not charge your creedit card until the order is boxed and ready to ship. If you wish to cancel and order, simply reply to the confirmation or contact us by phone to let us know. Due to the amount of fraud online, we will decline any credit card that does not fully match billing information. Should your card be declined, we will contact you immediately to verify information and/or secure another method of payment - this may delay your order.


Silo Cigars, Inc. must comply with various laws regarding the sale and/or delivery of cigars. Maryland residents are not permitted to receive cigars, except in face-to-face transactions. Similarly, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are not permitted to be sold online. These are not our rules, but we are compelled to follow them. If your order is effected, we will contact you immediately.


Eventually, a return happens. Nobody really likes them. Returns must be authorized prior to you shipping an item back. If we are in error and picked the wrong item, we will ship your replacement as soon as we see evidence (tracking#) that the mis-shipped items are enroute. If there is another problem, Silo Cigars will generally issue store credit upon receipt of a return, less a 10% re-stocking fee. Package insurance is available, but requires us to manually quote the shipping costs. If your purchase qualifies for "Free Shipping", you may still request insurance at your cost. We have rarely had a damaged shipment, and we try and "monkey-proof" when packaging.